Mystic Timbers and InvadR Begin Testing

As the opening days for Kings Island and Busch Gardens Williamsburg rapidly approach us, construction on the parks’ new GCI coasters has drawn to a close and the testing phase is now kicking into gear.

MysticTimbersConstr 033.JPG

Mystic Timbers, the 109-foot tall wooden coaster coming to Kings Island, just made its first successful test run, and the park shared a video of the train plunging down the first drop.

Absolutely stunning. I guess we’ll have to wait until after the season starts to see a whole POV video and find out What’s In The Shed.

Meanwhile, InvadR at Busch Gardens Williamsburg has begun invading. I must say that I am a big fan of the way the park announced this ride and allowed guests to vote on different aspects of the theming and experience. They’ve been really good about keeping us up to date on the whole construction process. Check out a POV of the ride below:

It’s intriguing to me to see Kings Island and Busch Gardens taking opposite marketing approaches this year. Kings Island is urging guests to take a trip this year to find out what’s in the mysterious shed, while Busch Gardens is being completely open with their guests, making them feel like they were part of the planning process. It will be interesting to see how they perform in a couple of weeks.

What do you think of the new rides? Which one looks more impressive? Leave a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Mystic Timbers and InvadR Begin Testing”

  1. Asking guests for input is vastly better than building up hype – which usually met with dissapointment.
    Everywhere I have worked, teamwork was the key to success. Whenever management alone makes decisions – they generally get the wrong results. So BG gets the early thumbs up in my book for being so open.
    As for Cedar Fair, I am taking a queue from Cedar Point and making my park visits and reservations “only when they make business sense” – because I feel that the “mystery experience” really needs to be shared with their pre-sales people in order for them to get the message that hype and secret plans don’t excite me.

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  2. Well, the folks at Cedar Fair have proved once again they can’t theme a ride and their hype approach of teasing is an ultimate letdown. There isn’t much that is “mystic” in that shed of Mystic Timbers after all, and although the coaster itself is a wooden terra-coaster (and as such likely much cheaper than purchasing another Maverick) the end result has most people saying “that was it”?
    Some day they are going to learn that people hate being duped.

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    1. I was more than a little surprised to hear that all that the park planned for #WhatsInTheShed was a brake run set to music. Couldn’t they have at least put up a screen showing the forest coming in for attack? As it was, they ended up making King’s Dominion’s mistake by making a big ado about nothing and building up hype only to dash fans back to the ground. If that’s Cedar Fair’s best attempt at theming, they shouldn’t bother trying at all.

      As you said in your previous comment, Busch Gardens made a smart move with their decision to let guests in on the planning. InvadR opened without disappointing anyone – instead, they left guests feeling like they had made something great, together.


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