Silver Dollar City Planning Spinning Coaster for 2018

Silver Dollar City fans are buzzing with excitement over the recent construction taking place at the park. Footers are being poured and a building, presumably the ride’s station, is being erected.

© MidwestInfoGuide

The ride is rumored to be the first Xtreme Spinning Coaster model from Mack Rides, meaning it could feature a launch and one or more inversions. Considering that the construction is taking place on a hillside, the coaster’s layout is likely to closely follow the terrain.

Le Twist, a regular spinning coaster from Mack Rides. (© Mack Rides)

In terms of theme, Herschend Family Entertainment, the chain owning Silver Dollar City, recently filed a trademark for the name Time Traveler. In a guest survey, the park revealed that a potential theme for the coaster would be a time machine that launches riders back in time to the Roman Empire.

Further details of the coaster are currently unknown, but we will likely learn more about the ride’s theme and layout in the weeks to come as construction progresses. In the meantime, let us know your predictions for Silver Dollar City’s new ride in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “Silver Dollar City Planning Spinning Coaster for 2018”

  1. Not so sure the spinning element is going to be blockbuster with so many people that love coasters also disliking most spin and puke flats. While the terrain aspect really seems to be the latest industry wide sustained trend (with Maverick, Lightning Rod, and Mystic Timbers leading the way) this incarnation from Mack (of which will never have “record holding” as one of their aspirations) should be a winner.

    Interestingly, the continued industry emphasis on theming seems to be continuing and (in fact) picking up steam.

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    1. Agreed. I’m not a fan of spinning coasters myself, but if Mack comes up with a good terrain-based layout and develops a decent theme, it’s something I’d be willing to try out.


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